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What is ThunderSurf VPN

Accessing cross-continent web content has always been a challenge, in terms of speed and reliability. Thurdersurf VPN is the most easy to use VPN APP that helps expats, business travelers and digital nomads to access cross-continent content at much faster speed and keep online productivity, from anywhere in the world. No more need to take 15-20 minutes to look for a working VPN server, one click to connect and surf, just that easy!

The ThunderSurf Network Team

Quick Start In Seconds

No Registration required. Download, run and see it working immediately

Step 1

Download "ThunderSurf VPN" from Google Play Store or here

Step 2

48 hours free trial starts automatically, no registration required. Simply click START to get connected. Remember to allow VPN usage when prompted

Step 3

Click STOP to disconnect from VPN. Register an account and pay for a plan only if you are happy about the service.

God only exhibits his thunder and lightning at intervals, and so they always command attention.

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Why Thundersurf VPN?

Fast connect

One click and systems will automatically connect to the best working server from a pool of working servers.

"Always on" experience

Seamlessly, ThunderSurf VPN automatically fail over to a working server when the connecting server fails and/or switch to a different route when connecting one get congested.

High Speed

3-10 times faster with built-in acceleration technology.


Aviod the loop hole of long term contract, you choose to pay for a month when in need the service and still enjoy the low rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is 48 hours free trial without even register an account with us. So it is totally no obligation. After the free trial expires, you will need to sign up an account and pay for a plan to continue to use the service. You can do this right within the App itself.
You can do it right with in the app. There is the in-app chat function that is small question mark on the lower right that to start a communication with our support. Make sure you have as much as possible details include so to help us quickly identify the problem. We normally respond within a few hours if not minutes.
ThunderSurf VPN requires permission to write information (such as session cookie so you don’t have to log in every time to use the App) locally on your phone. That is why it would require file access permission. This permission only allows ThunderSurf VPN to store its own information on the phone, it does not have access to any other files that are not its own, this is guaranteed by Android system.
ThunderSurf VPN needs to use the VPN interface from Android. For the first time use, Android will prompt you to allow ThunderSurf APP to set up a VPN connection. You need to click the "OK" for ThunderSurf VPN to proceed. This is a security measure done by Android system.
Right now, the App is an Android App only. We will have it on other platforms including iOS, Mac and Windows sometime in July 2019. Stay tuned!
Three devices can be using the same account simultaneously.
In ThunderSurf VPN app menu, there is the “exclude app” feature for that. If you have more apps need to use VPN than not, you can start setting default for all Apps to use VPN and then only exclude those not need VPN. Vice versa if you have more apps don’t need VPN on your phone.

Download APP

Available on all modern operating systems. Search in App Store for "ThunderSurf VPN" or click following icon to download.